Where to buy snus in the Philippines?

Nice, is finally up and running and their goal is to have the best price in the Philippines :) is the place to order from. General, Göteborgs, Mustang etc. to choose from and sometimes they also got Swedish sweets available as Marabou and Daim for example. Free delivery on Php 3000 purchase! They also do meet ups in BGC area. or Snus Philippines in FB.
For the Filipinos out there who wants to stop smoke. Try snus! The only tobacco product with no reported death toll!
The products are fresh and imported from Sweden.



  1. WHERE can I buy Ettan Portion on line in the Philippines !?!? I TRIED Snus House in Manila. They could not get simple 10 can order right. I TRIED Swedish Match (Same people I get it from in Swedan). But they would not give me opportunity to order at all. Beginning to see why the Philippines is a POOR NATION !!!!!

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