Titas of Manila

If you have a fair number of independent-minded lady friends, you probably heard those words. Initial attempts to elicit its meaning only resulted in my further frustration. You know how Filipinos  like yank the chain of foreigners when Tagalog is involved. Rather than a proactive, cogent explanation, you are met with shrill hilarity at your gross ignorance, and you can only grin sheepishly while tamping down your humiliation. In the end, pride prevailed so when no one was looking, I asked my old friend Google.

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All you need to know from this week of Football

Protest with carrots, one that ended up in the Guinness Book of Records and one on Barcelonas  radar. Join us for this week’s primary football stories.

Gary Neville, who has worked as an expert on Sky Sports since he was laid off with football, takes over Valencia. When I first saw that the news on Twitter came from Offsides Johan Orrenius, I immediately replied that he surely meant Phil Neville? Phil had been working as an assistant coach during the season and was mentioned as a potential coach when Nuno Espírito Santo resigns/get fired.

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The Latest in Basketball and Football

I think it’s awesome that Filipinos are into Basketball, of all sports. I mean considering the average height of Filipinos, one would think how they all play good in this sport made for the giants and how they seem to love the game eventually. Incredible!

So anyway, here are some thoughts I would like to share with you.

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